mental shoes 018 (pdf) Mental Shoes 018 ... paintings from Sandra Yagi, Stephen Cefalo, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Joseba Eskubi, sculptures from Paul Fryer, fiction from Jill Summerville, chapters one and two from Holaday Mason's novel, poetry from Sarah Maclay, collages from Gregory Deglas, poems from sound effects and photography from D H Dowling.018mental shoes 019 (pdf)Mental Shoes 019 ... 275 page issue. Paintings from Alyssa Monks, Akira Umeda, Charlie Immer, Jeff Ramirez, RS Connett, Colin Johnson, JoKa, and Michael Alvarez. Post-Katrina photographs by Julie Dermansky. Photography from Akira Umeda, Ingmar Lemmens, Jodi DeGerlia and DH Dowling. Collages from Gregory Deglas. Poetry from Maureen Alsop and Holaday Mason. Excerpt from the novel “Tudeface” by Pitney Smith. Chapter three from Holaday Mason's novel “Traveling Blind.” Expect long download. 019mental shoes 020 (pdf)Mental Shoes 020 ... 299 page issue. Paintings from Brandon Bird, Kenny Cole, Mark Gleason, Gabrielle Jesiolowski, Jennifer Nehrbass, Kelly Jo Shows, Fred Stonehouse and Linnea Strid. Photography from Sylvestre Anasse, Julie Dermansky, DH Dowling, Gabrielle Jesiolowski, Karto Gimeno and Cameron Russell. Collages from Vanessa Lamounier de Assis.020mental shoes 021 (pdf)Mental Shoes 021 ... 296 pages. Photography from Brooke Shaden, Snailbooty, Robert Sulkin and D H Dowling, paintings from Joseba Eskubi, Santiago Ydáñez and Psychoboy54, collages from Raelbrian, drawings from Lily Mae Martin, pictures from Niklas Nenzén, poetry from Holaday Mason, Katherine Williams and Richard Garcia, and written for this issue, William Henderson's essay "Yes I Know What You Think of Me." Art makes us see. Look.021mental shoes 022 (pdf)Mental Shoes issue 022. 611 pages. Mixed media collages from Snailbooty. Paintings from Victor Rodriguez, Jason Bard Yarmosky, Joyce Ho, Joe Scarano and Robert W. Johnson. Questions from Julie Dermansky. Photography from Fritz Liedtke, Karl Hurst, Reyguy, Carter Blanchard, John Stekl and DH Dowling. Drawings from Tom McKee. Poetry from Gail Wronsky and Chuck Rosenthal, Stephany Prodromides and Holaday Mason. Illustrations from Dave Plunkert and Joana Garrido. Cyanotypes from thisquietreverie. Fiction from Will Henderson. Collages from Julie Dermansky. Sculptures from Gwen Murphy. Art makes us see. Look. 022